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Mission Ranch Wellness Program

Caldwell Communities firmly believes that joy is a higher aim than happiness. And they know from vast experience that true well-being goes well beyond physical fitness. That’s the thinking that inspires LiveWell, a holistic health and wellness program that lays the groundwork for you to live your very best life at Mission Ranch. From our amenities to our resident activities and community events, the live well program puts an easy and joyful focus on the powerful intersection of body, mind, and spirit.

The Six Pillars of Wellness

These are the health and wellness program areas that, when nourished, truly make you live a more well-rounded life.




Stress less and find your inner peace.

This is the emotional component of our LiveWell program in Mission Ranch. It's all about lowering stress and increasing inner peace. We provide spaces that encourage thoughtful reflection and planned activities that help you prioritize the ideas, experiences, and activities that matter most to you.




Redefine the work you do.

Whether working or networking, learning or teaching, lending a hand, or supporting a cause, we want you to immerse yourself in what holds meaning for you. striveWELL is about following a natural, vocational desire to contribute. We make sure our community calendar gives you plenty of ways to spend your time in a way you find rewarding.




Make getting active feel second nature.

While physical fitness isn't the only part of our health and wellness program, moveWELL is an essential element. Amenities including our fitness center, trails, and lake combine with organized exercise offerings, nutrition courses, and cooking classes to make eating right and being active second nature.




Nurture your soul.

Nurturing your soul is, well, at the heart and soul of the prayWELL pillar. Mission Ranch's beautiful natural settings and inspirational gatherings help you to live life more fully and with more spiritual purpose.




Stay sharp through curiosity and lifelong learning.

Intellectual curiosity goes hand in hand with our community’s adventurous lifestyle. We have a passion for lifelong learning because to thinkWELL is to live better. Scheduled activities, lessons, courses, and programs let you dive deep on a topic, refine a skill, hone a special talent, or explore a new hobby.




Develop bonds that have authentic meaning.

connectWELL is just what you think. At every turn, and especially at our clubhouse, our liveWELL program is designed to provide opportunities to connect with neighbors, nurture friendships, and enjoy an authentic sense of community and real social belonging.


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