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A holistic approach to wellness.

Caldwell Communities aims to cultivate authentic joy through a comprehensive approach to wellness that goes beyond physical health to address other aspects of wellness—spiritual, social, nutritional, mental, and emotional included. Our goal is to achieve lower levels of stress, greater peace, and deeper contentment.

It all starts with our Live Well lifestyle program that embodies intentional well-being in every sense of the word. The program is built on our Live Well Pillars—six key areas that make a genuine impact on overall quality of life.

Live Well in Action

Inspired by these ideals that, together, create a big picture approach to joy and good health, we create thoughtfully designed communities and carefully crafted resident programming that make it fun, and even easy, to pursue holistic wellness. So, here’s to laughter, learning, and always living well.




Nurture your soul.

Feeding your soul with faith, gratitude, and intentional self-care is a key component to achieving holistic wellness. The outlook you have on life has a direct impact on your health and longevity. When you pursue gratitude, love, and hope, you find balance, purpose, and inner peace. Plus, you show up for yourself and others in a more meaningful and fulfilling way. We provide plentiful opportunities to help you nurture your soul and follow a path of joyful living.




Find your tribe.

A strong sense of community raises your endorphin levels, elevating a general feeling of happiness. Friends are fun, and life is simply better with others! Through robust lifestyle programming and resident events and activities, we offer a plethora of experiences to help you find an authentic sense of belonging among neighbors. With an emphasis on the importance of family, we also offer countless opportunities to help you prioritize and enjoy meaningful time with those who matter to you most.



Fuel your body.

Eat whole foods (meaning unprocessed and unrefined options), and your body will thank you! A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains gives your body what it needs to look, feel, and perform its very best. Did you know gardening and cooking also help alleviate stress and anxiety? We offer gardening classes, culinary demonstrations, and nutritional seminars to help you focus on the value that healthy food brings to the table and your total quality of life.



Contribute to community.

You have a unique set of gifts, talents, and resources. When you identify needs and charitable causes that are important to you or that move you, it spurs a desire to help or make a difference by giving back in a meaningful way. Generous acts of service and philanthropy provide a rewarding sense of purpose. We look forward to partnering with you on shared endeavors that better the lives of others and improve our extended community.



Get curious.

By following your natural curiosity to learn, explore, question, and discover, you attain new knowledge and experiences, but more importantly, you invite joy and wonder to everyday living. Embracing a lifelong pursuit of learning helps you to live longer, and with more vitality. We offer classes, workshops, programs, clubs, and groups that can help you refine a skill, hone a talent, find fresh interests or hobbies, or learn about something completely new!




Stay active.

We believe that because staying active is essential to your overall well-being it should feel like second nature. While daily workouts are great, physical health is also a series of smaller choices you make throughout your day, choices that add up to a stronger, fitter you. Our amenities— trails, community gardens, fitness centers, pools, and other active offerings— help you incorporate movement into all parts of daily life and make getting or staying fit fun!


The best times of life are straight ahead at a Caldwell Communities master planned community.

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